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I love my local feed mill. It’s run by really nice people that are always ready to help out. I buy Bill’s grain there, so we are in at least once every two months. Sometimes I just ask to go in to see what’s up with everyone.

I still feel like a stranger there- more of a wannabe than the real deal. I get so confident of just walking in and ordering my feed, and then I get in there and stumble around for words. (I order All Purpose Goat Feed 100lb by the way.) They are very kind towards me, working out my mixture of “all-purpose-i-think-maybe-oh-gosh-what-did-I-ask-for” and showing me where particular stuff belongs.

I like it a lot on the inside. There’s a coal stove that is tremendously warming, and then just two long aisles with your medication and miscellaneous fencing and other stuff. A nook dedicated to chickens, another nook dedicated to bolts and nuts and things, and then another nook for buckets & pitchforks.

My favorite part is not really the inside. Right beside the door where you go in is a big clear glass advertising window. Things like “Peking Ducks for sale” and “Irish Setters for sale” along with “Here’s my business card.” There’s something always new.

Do you have a local feed mill?