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Photo via Phantastic Photoliterature

Last night I had the awesomest choir practice ever! I’m in a small choir, only about eight of us in total. We have been working on our Christmas cantata for a while, but we felt it was lacking something. E, the other soprano (I’m a soprano as well) asked her voice teacher to come in and help us out a bit.

We worked for about an hour and a half in total, but it was awesome! A (the voice teacher) helped us fine-tune our best song, O Star of Bethlehem and work out some of the kinks in Christ is Born Finale. At the end of the night, we sounded so much better on those two songs!

Another thing A worked on with us was getting loud and soft, not to mention really exuding confidence to the audience. I have sung with only two or three choirs, but definitely A was one of the best ones! At the end of the night, I felt really good about reaching my high notes and being loud.

The last thing she stressed to us was “the happier you look singing, the more they will get God’s message from all of it. No matter if you have the worst day in the world, if you just smile when you are singing- it could change a life!”

I have always enjoyed singing, and even though I can’t read music very well, I think as a choir we were able to nail things more when we had somebody telling us we were doing great. At the end of the night, none of us went home a little sad or upset about what happened, instead we all went home feeling lighthearted about the music.

Do any of you sing in a choir? If you don’t, what is your favorite things about listening to a choir?