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It was especially cold out this morning. My own steps felt different, the ground did not bounce like it did yesterday. The earth is nearly frozen and I am finally in my beloved winter.

Although the morning was cold, I took my camera out to capture a few shots before I had to go inside. The frost covering everything was surprisingly hard to take a picture of, the photo you see above was the best of the bunch.

Chores always shorten in the winter. Well, even with only one goat chores are short, but it seems that both Bill and I scurry around in the morning to make things hurry. He pranced around this morning, the difference from warm fluffy straw and cold hard ground surprised him a little.

I still don’t have any bird feeders out yet. The only songbird I have seen was a little Chickadee, who chirped angrily at me and flew away. The little bird made me think of my own bird friend last year. I miss Mr. Chickadee very much.

I found a new blog yesterday, Apifera Farm. Kathleen’s art and photography is very lovely! Her photography is simply stunning, the latest pictures of Rosie the pig are simply beautiful.

Have a good Monday, everyone!