Ah, Friday. One of the most busiest days of the week. This morning I got a chance to see Bill a little before schoolwork. (So I made a video, which is right up there!)

On another note, this weekened is Wellsboro Dickens of a Christmas! Of course I’m going, and I plan on taking LOADS of pictures and maybe freezing a little, but it’s all good in paradise, ya know? I have been going for as long as I remember…. and also dying to live in Wellsboro for just as long.

Also, this weekend (probably Sunday) the bird feeders are coming out! I’m late this year, but that’s okay. Everything has been a little messed up due to the Kansas Trip. I’ll be keeping my bird-watch reports here (I’ll tack them on the end of posts) and of course, urging you to keep your own feeders!

That’s all for now, folks, so have a good’n!