I am so glad to be home. And to have Bill home, for that matter. Kansas is an interesting place, but as Mom says, Kansas is like a painting with no background. I missed the mountains so much, at midnight (when we finally opened our front door) I nearly ran out the back to see my mountain.

Bill never got home until last night… I thoroughly cleaned the barn out beforehand and laid down & puffed up new straw. He was a happy camper this morning with lukewarm water and a bowl of grain. Later this month I will be going down to Albright’s (my local feed store) and buying a hay net and some hay. Where Bill was “lodging” at, he had  hay net, and according to our friends, he loved it. I know what Santa is getting Bill for Christmas!

There’s not much else to say about the Kansas trip, other than I got a load of yarn. I went to my first, real, non-chain-store yarn shop & the Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby is my favorite store, which although is awesome, still cannot compare to Tractor Supply.

Speaking of Tractor Supply, when we were eating in the Cracker Barrel last, Dad had the greatest idea- merge Cracker Barrel & Tractor Supply together through the clothing department and have a Tractor Barrel! Isn’t that the darndest idea? Or maybe it’s just me… 😉

I feel bad for not dropping a note at all while I was away, but there was nothing farm-y about Kansas City to report. Heck, they only had one Tractor Supply and I definitely did not go into it! Although I would like to mention that all of you people in Kansas City need to start gardens or backyard chickens or something! Help yourselves a little! There is a Tractor Supply!

I hope y’all have a lovely Thursday!