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It seems I’ve been quite a bit of S words lately, sullen, stressed, sick… okay, maybe a lot of the the negative ones. But today I had a surprise.

I had taken a bunch of photographs a while ago, and it was just today that I got around to looking at them. The above shot was one of the best of the bunch, and let me tell you I was surprised!

It had long been a goal of mine to be able to capture dew on plants. I love to photograph plants- I think it’s mostly because I think nature is beautiful, and I try to respect it, but this shot… oh look at the dew!

I have no clue what kind of plant it was that I photographed. It must be some kind of ivy, because it was growing around all sorts of old broken up cinder blocks. Have you any clue what it is?

I hope your Tuesday has gone well, and I can’t wait to write y’all tomorrow!