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Yep, that’s my compost bin. And yep, I did toss whole jack o’ lanterns in to compost. Apparently you’re supposed to bruise and break ’em up, but I don’t. My tips for compostin’ pumpkins goes like this:

  • Carve ’em
  • Toss ’em
  • Bury ’em

That’s right. Carve the pumpkins out and either eat, toss, or save the seeds. Don’t put ’em in your compost bin, because you might be in for a surprise in the spring. When they are old and moldy-looking after Halloween, toss ’em in your compost bin. The last step is to bury them in some dirty, poopy straw from your barn and your done.

The ones from last year are were one of the first things in our compost bin. They were gone in a matter of weeks, buried under a pile of dirty straw and never tossed until January. I’m not one of those people that turn their compost every six weeks. When I clean the barn out, I turn the compost. Simple simple simple.

Do y’all have any tips on compostin’ your pumpkins?