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Finally, it’s November. October was a wonderful busy crazy month, topped off by a silly Halloween night. As promised, here’s my November goals:

  1. Finish 3 Christmas presents
  2. Get some exercise every day
  3. Find a better bread recipe & perfect it
  4. Finish my Super Secret Blog Project

Only four goals this month, because I will be gone for a week later this month on a family trip. There will not be any scheduled or otherwise sorts of posts during that time, I will be “unplugged” from the computer… so that means plenty of blog fodder will be made then!


And now for my October goals review. If you remember correctly, my goals were:

  1. Attend a Farmer’s Market and buy something from a local farmer
  2. Finish the Chevron Hat, and blog about it
  3. Bake a loaf of Bread every Sunday
  4. Practice my photography, and blog about it
  5. Go on a 10 minute walk every day, but rainy days

I will admit October Goals was a failure. The only goal I really “completed” was the Farmer’s Market one, which I wrote about here. I never managed to bake bread on Sunday, but just about every other day of the week- and each time was an utter failure. The knitting portion of the Chevron Hat is completed, but it is being saved for the Super Secret Blog Project. Other than hat, 4 & 5 just never happened.

What goals do you have set up for November? How did you do with your October goals?