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In Bill news, I moved his stake out around yesterday and he got a whole load of fresh grass. Here’s a nice picture of him when he wasn’t much of a blur.

Yesterday, I made pretzels! They turned out very very awesome, so I thought I could share the process and some pictures with you!.

The kit I used

I used the “Auntie Anne’s At-Home Baking Kit.” Now, I have made pretzels before, but they turned out more like the hard pretzels you buy at the store. I wanted to make soft pretzels.

My dough after rising

Everything comes in little separate bags- the dough mix, the yeast, the salt, baking soda, and cinnamon/sugar mix. All you did was soften the yeast, add dough mix, and then either knead or run through your mixer with a dough hook (which is what I did). After that, you formed the pretzels.

My finished pretzel

Witch, obviously, was the hard part for me. The thicker you rolled the pretzel, the softer and puffier the pretzel was. It takes some serious practice to get it right, so most of my pretzels looked like the ones you see above.

The good thing though was that they all tasted delicious! I have another kit stashed away for another day later this winter.

Have you ever made pretzels? How did they turn out?