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I just read “The Kick in Backside You Need” over at the Juniper Moon Farm Blog. Well, it gave me my own kick in the pants.

I’m going to take the plunge and get bees.

Ever since I started reading about beekeeping in the farm magazines, and on the CAF blog, and various other blogs, I’ve considered it. Dad even thought about it until Pap got some bees of his own.

But I would really love to have bees here. They are generally low maintenance, hard workers, and producing creatures. Why not have a hive at the top of the hill?

My first step was simple.

Me: “Pap, I would like a beehive for Christmas.”

Pap: “Well, I’ve got four made.”

Yep, I played the Oldest-Grandchild Trump Card and probably won. 😉

Do you have bees? Take any plunges lately?