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I finally made it to the feed mill yesterday. I was able to buy a 100lb bag of all-purpose goat food and a hoof pick. First off, the 100lb bag is only 18 dollars. I was totally expected to spend about 30 dollars, but hey, locally milled food is better than commercial! I bought the hoof pick to help out with Bill’s feet. He has some really really bad feet!

This feed is Bill’s favorite, and consequently, the only feed he’ll eat. I’m glad he eats it though- it’s filled with the stuff that prevents urinary calculi- which is horrible, awful, terrible for a goat to have. I’ll tell you about the time the brown goat had urinary calculi sometime.

Here’s the update picture of Harvesting today. I only got five (!) rows done yesterday- today I hope to complete ten or so. I’m sorry for the bad photo, I was taking pictures in a new spot and I will never use that spot again!

Drama Queen the Empress of Cats asks: “How is YOUR Thursday going?”