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Still knitting Harvesting. Here’s the daily update picture. I’m on the 31st increase row, so I’m almost halfway there with the increases. A lot of the other Ravelers are saying it turns out into a shawlette, but that doesn’t bother me because this is my first one. Plus, I have at least 1,000 yards of this stuff, so I can always make another shawl if I don’t like it.

Yesterday, I got news that the same type of worm that was infesting Goat Song’s herd is in my area. I’m glad Bill’s not showing any signs of illness. Since Bill lives on top of the hill, the water drains out, so he’s not very wet at all. The guy whose goats have it says it’s the wetness that makes the goats get it.

Yesterday I was fiddling around with camera settings, and I took this awesome shot at the graveyard down the street. I took quite a few, although this one was my favorite because only the line separating you from the graveyard is in focus. Kinda makes me think of mortality and other philosophical stuff.

I hope every one of you have an awesome Wednesday!