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  Reading Punkin’s Patch and seeing all of the amazing spinning that happens over there reminded me that I have a drop spindle.

It’s lots of fun, really. My skills are a little rusty since I haven’t spun since about April or so. (I have the feeling that that is a crime!) I am having only a few issues, so I’ll ask here to see if you can help me.

1. My spindle is notch-less. I have issues with the yarn slipping off of the hook and undoing all that I did. Since it’s obvious I can’t go back and do the fancy notchless thing, what can I do to prevent it from coming off?

2. My joins between streaches of roving are pretty fat looking. I’m getting a consistent worsted-weight (like what you find in commercial yarns) thickness in between. What can I do to make them less fat and more smooth?

3. I still have crazy amounts of twist in parts of the yarn. What can I do to reduce twist?

I’m really enjoying spinning. I don’t know how much yarn I’ll come out of this with- I’m guessing twenty yards or so. If I have enough, I want to knit a pair of fingerless mitts. If I’m even close to enough, I am going to knit a hat.

This is what I'm spinning!

On my desk, I have whole little roving cakes piled around. It reminds me of little clouds!

Other than spinning, I’m re-knitting an older WIP, a crochet dishcloth. The yarn is some kitchen yarn in Field of Dreams. I like to knit dishcloths on size 6 needles so they have a denser guage. The reason why I’m re-knitting is simple: the crochet was looking really ugly- the yarn was pooling to look like chromosomes and I hated it. The pooling on the cloth is much better.

How is your Tuesday doing? Any spinning or knitting you would like to share?