Okay, so in lieu of a big long post filled with pictures from Sunday, I will give you a picture-heavy post of Monday morning. Although I do have a panoramic shot of the view at the PA Grand Canyon viewing place:

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So my Monday morning started with my customary blog-reading and soon-to-be-customary cup of tea.

If you want to know, I was reading Punkin’s Patch which I just found and really love.

This was my view from the back porch at 8 this morning:

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I found a wooly bugger on Bill’s deck when I was feeding him, and managed to take a pretty decent picture of it.

Bill was exceptionally messy at breakfast this morning:

“Bill, you are eating like a pig!”

I am no pig, silly girl. I am a goat.

I took a picture of a book Grandma found for me:

It’s an Irish tale about a Widow-Woman and a goat named King Billy. I recommend it, although it’s probably been out of print since 1947, when it was made.

I turned around and saw the sun peeking through the trees:

And then my morning was complete.

How do your Monday mornings go?