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Step outside. Take a deep breath, and relax. It’s yoga for the busy soul. Grab the big green pitcher, fill it the whole way up. Jump when the new water pump bursts into action. Spill some water in your boots, curse softly because your foot is wet.

Walk slowly to the barn, being cautious of each step. Watch the ground, but not the sky. The grey clouds make you sad. Hear birds coo in the Butternut Tree, so you look up, and see the goat in the window.

“Mornin’ Bill” is the only thing you say. Smile because the goat’s nicker makes you feel happy. Set bucket down, go to the window. Kiss goat on the head, because that is what you do. Open the barn door.

Goat pauses and gives you a face, but nickers and jumps out. Goat goes out, you go in. The goat realized you are getting food, and does a U-turn to follow you. Pour just a tiny bit of grain into black rubber bowl.

Since it’s rainy still, set bowl on the strawy floor. Goat digs in. Go back outside to get pitcher. Grab the messed-up red bucket and throw old water outside. Pour the entire pitcher of water into the bucket. Step out of barn, close door.

Look at where the calico rabbit’s pen used to be. Your heart twists for a minute, but you remember that he hated rain. Laugh, because a carrot was the only reason why he would come out of his ‘condo’ in the rain.

Face house. Let out a big sigh. You know that when you go back in, nobody will be awake. The house will be silent. Walk back even slower than you walked up. At the base of the hill, look back at the barn, and begin to dream.