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I officially got my Learner’s Permit in the end of September. With great trepidation I have only driven twice since then. Today was my second time.

We live just a mile or so away from a campground, that’s becoming a little abandoned at this time of the year. Mom decided that on our way from Gram’s, we would see if it was still open, and then I take a little spin around. The road is only about a mile or so long, so it wasn’t a short drive, but neither was it a long drive.

For only being my second time driving like this, I think I did pretty well. The only major difficulty for me was taking a big downhill turn left. There’s a ditch on either side of the road, and I was really expecting to go down in it. I surprised myself by not going down in the ditch!

More or less, I’m actually having a little fun learning how to drive. It’s not too easy, but not too hard, similar to driving our lawnmower, but on a glorified scale with turn signals.

PS: I was driving ’99 Plymouth Voyager Minivan, not the super awesome car that’s in the picture.