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Photo via Cackle Hatchery : Please click for source

This is the third (and final) story from Thursday.

See the picture of the rooster above? Well, I’ve been offered one just like it. No hens, just a rooster. An adorable teenaged Golden Sebright Bantam Rooster.

GGram was given the rooster from a friend. Her friend had been fishing, and when he was done, he went back to his truck. On the truck was this rooster. He took the rooster off, but the rooster jumped back up. The rooster seemed friendly enough, so he took him home and gave him to GGram. Well, GGram doesn’t know what to do with him, so she offered him to me.

Bad part is, dear Mom says no. The small shred of common sense I have says no, too. The rest of me screams a yes for every no.

The pros of keeping this rooster would be:

  • One step closer to having more chickens
  • Be able to join the Poultry 4-H group
  • Adorable, will be named Chanticleer

Of course the cons outnumber the pros:

  • No eggs
  • No housing currently
  • Semi-Loud
  • Possible annoyance to neighbors

But still, he’s adorable. Utterly and completely adorable. When he crows, his little neck sticks out and all of his feathers stand on end. He walks right up to people and watches them.

What do you, dear Readers, suggest I do? I’m on the fence about this, and some advice and guidance would be helpful.