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Here’s part 2 to the Thursday Adventures. As you notice, I didn’t have my camera on hand to take any pictures. I’m sorry about that, but please enjoy my stories anyway!

At ten, my grandmother (let’s call her Gram) picked me up to go to my great-grandmother’s house to make the jelly. (We’ll call her GGram.) First, we had to stop at Weis for some things-two jars of  jalapeno peppers, sugar, and pectin. We had checked out the dollar section, and Gram found a pair of cute salt and pepper shakers- a grandma turkey and a pappy turkey.

At ten thirty, we made it to GGram’s to start the pepper jelly. I began dicing the green peppers. They smelled wonderful, and I did sneak a little slice for a tasty bite. It was boring and slow work. As Gram was getting the jalapenos ready, she spotted GGram’s food processor. Gram was to the rescue with the food processor, it made quick work of making the peppers small.

Once all of the ingredients were mixed, we put the pot on to boil. As it was boiling, the beautiful, wonderful, spicy-but-sweet scent of peppers was everywhere. Just perfect. We made another batch, and then we were ready to pour into the jars.

This was my first time ever pouring the stuff into jelly jars. We used pint jars, with regular sized mouths. I used a big fat ladle to pour the mix in. Instead of the plastic jelly cones you see at the store, GGram had an old metal one. I was surprised when I went to put it in another jar- it was boiling hot! I never thought about the heat of the mix making the metal hot. Me- 0 Science-1

After that was done, we put the jars into a water bath canner for five minutes. As Gram was taking them out of the canner, the water was going down- and cans were sealing inside! The funny clink-click sound was hilarous to me. We left the cans to seal while we went out for lunch.

We stopped at a new place, a Chinese restaurant called Shang Hai. (Or at least I think that’s how they spelled it.) We all shared an order of Happy Family, plain white rice, and fried scallops. It was all super extra delicious. (I love Chinese-style food.) Afterwards, we walked down to the thrift store to have a look around, but there wasn’t much remarkable to say, other than an antique high chair that we didn’t buy.

On the way back to the car, we decided to go into a new local bakery. I was allowed to get a cannoli (yum!) and Gram got a pumpkin whoopie pie.

By the time we got back to GGram’s, all but one of the cans were sealed. In total, there was nine and a half pints of pepper jelly. We opened up the one that didn’t seal to try. It was hot, and not just temperature wise. Almost a little too spicy for me, but with some cream cheese, just right.

Do you guys have any other pepper jelly recipes? If you would like the jelly recipe, shoot me an e-mail through the contact form and I’ll get it to you.