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Bill is a very photogenic goat. I like to take pictures of him, and he likes me taking pictures of him. So, when I go outside, nearly every day, to take pictures, my goat poses. But yesterday, I was not the only person in my yard taking pictures of Bill.

Let me start out by saying that Bill is a very popular goat. Ever since day 1, people have stopped to see, watch, or talk, to Bill. (I’ll leave that first day story for another time.) Lately there seems to be more and more people that stop on the road (you can see a little strip of it in the background of the picture) to say hi to Bill.

Well, yesterday a lady pulled up (in her car) in front of our house. Dad, being all congenial and stuff, goes out, introduces himself, and asks if she needs help. The Lady outside said to my dad that she is a runner, and when she runs, she sees my goat. She has some friends (or something like that) who couldn’t believe that a kid keeps a goat in the yard for a pet, so she wanted some pictures for evidence.

Dad gives her the o-k, and she goes out back to take pictures. I go outside to introduce myself, and tell her that she’s not the only one. The Lady then takes her leave and goes home. I go back inside, laughing about how it’s not that odd anymore for me to take pictures of Bill.

I have several neighbors (I live in a village of sorts) that like to sit on their back porch and watch Bill for fun. I do the same thing. They ask me every once in a while how he’s doing, and if he’s being taken care of and things, and it’s always a resounding “yes! and he’s a little too fat!”

It’s slightly awesome and weird how Bill is something many people have in common. I’m just a goat-crazy kid in a small town, and Bill’s just a big white goat. But how did he become such a celebrity? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t with his good looks, but his country charm. 😉