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When I recieved my Queen check back in late August, my first thought was “I can afford a camera!” I put the idea aside, since I also wanted yarn and other things. But the thing I wanted most, a camera of my own, loomed over me.

This camera, the GE x500, came up in a Kmart flier for sale. It’s about ten dollars cheaper than they normally are, which is good for me, and after reading the reviews on Amazon, turns out the camera is pretty decent for its price.

The downfall to buying this camera is that if I buy it, I am absolutely and positively out of cash. So if I needed a pair of new winter jeans, I would have to ask my parents. (Which bothers the socks off of me.) I do have six pairs in my winter clothes box, which is good, since I haven’t changed much since I last wore them.

The other downfall… no yarn. I would finally have a camera so I can take all of my pictures of knitting and progress shots, and et cetera, but no new yarn. I’ve reconciled that my stash box is overflowing and maybe a yarn diet would be good for me. It would spur me to finish more projects and make me get a little creative with the novelty yarns still in there. (Baby Clouds, I’m looking at you!)

All of the reviews I read on Amazon pretty much say that is a perfect bridge camera for newbies like me, although it’s a downgrade from professional cameras. Which, frankly, doesn’t bother me because I am a newbie and this camera has enough features to teach me how to use things similar to what’s on a fancy camera.

I’m slightly afraid of buying it because if I do buy a crappy camera (which I doubt I would be) the only bad thing that could happen is that I will be buying new clothes at Kmart for a long time. And, the only other “bad” thing about the camera is that the lens cap falls off a lot and it doesn’t come with a bag. It’s not like I’m going to be stuffing this camera in a duffle bag to take long trips stored in the trunk of a van on a bumpy road or anything.

So, I bring this to you, my dear readers, what would you do?