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baby sister blanket

This blanket has been a long time in coming. Months and months ago, I announced that my Mom was preggers and that I was going to make a knitted blanket for the new sib. Well, then I began talking about the Evangeline Quilt project. Turns out, months later, that both projects would be combined with a new purpose, too.

A few weeks ago, Mom started helping me recut all of the pieces to 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches for a Quilting 4-H project. A week or so later, I laid it out, and then maybe a week later I (with the help of Mom) sewed it together.

I used both the Birthing technique and the Tie Quilt technique. It was super-duper easy and the tie-ing part was fun, although the sewing part was not. (I remembered I loathe sewing during this project.)

As much use and love this quilt will probably get, I am probably never ever ever ever ever going to sew a quilt like this again. I might make a crocheted blanket however…