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Photo via Already Pretty : Click for Source

I know for sure that I am not the only person in the world with body issues. I’m plauged daily with thoughts like “I’m not pretty enough” and “I need to be beautiful.”

Then I found the blog Already Pretty, run by Sally McGraw. As the tagline says, it’s where style meets body image.

Thanks to Sally, I’m learning about what looks good on me and how to bolster my confidence level.

My favorite part about her blog is most definitely the Daily Outfit posts because they are inspiring my my lackluster wardrobe. Her outfits are always bright and well-coordinated, not to mention a little Matchy-Matchy like I like to wear.

Not only is this blog centred around clothing, but is also centred around style and body image. Frequently she posts articles like Reader Request: Smart vs. Pretty and Self-Respect and Dressing with Care. Her writing is to the point, but also allows you to connect with her so you see the big picture.

Already Pretty is one of my top favorite blogs for this reason- where I learn to look pretty and feel pretty too. The dressing routine is becoming less stressful and a better experience because of Sally opening my mind to the idea that I am pretty, no matter what.