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Photo via Yousef Askool on Flickr

Your alarm goes off the same time there’s a thunderclap. Your whole day that was going to be spent outside, or traveling, or picnicking, ruined. Now what do you want to do? Instantly downcast (much like the sky outside) you call off plans so you can stay home. Now what?

Watch a movie. We all know Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is only (slightly) horrible, but it’s funny anyways. Maybe press play for Master of Disguise or National Treasure. Heck, OnDemand True Grit or maybe even Rango. Check PBS for online documentaries!

Bake an experiment. Not only are cupcakes delicious, but they can be decorated like suns! Bake a rainbow cake and cover it with thick buttercream icing. Try to make scones, because they are delicious!

Write a story. Imagine what you could be doing right now. Dig out your pen & paper and set to work on writing a story! Some ideas…a journey about some kids looking for Area 51, hunky boys that fall in love with a girl from another country, girls that can turn into angels!, the world is limitless with stories you can write on a rainy day!

Do a rain-themed photoshoot. Take pictures of puddles, dew-covered spiderwebs, birds preening… there are so many situations that you can photograph in the rain!

Here’s more ideas…

  • Put on rainboots & stomp in puddles!
  • Have an indoor picnick!
  • Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  • Learn to make melt & pour soap!
  • Watch reruns of your favorite show!

What do you like to do on rainy days?