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The Lowdown

“A guide to holistic knitting, yarn, and life” pretty much sums this book up! With excellent insights and stories about knitting and knitters, this book is more about the idea of knitting than knitting itself.

Why I Read It

Basically, I read this book because it’s about knitting. And since I am a knitter, I’m hooked (crochet pun not intended!) on knitting books. Plus, the word “Holistic” was used in the tagline… and we all know what that means!

My Thoughts

For me, this book wasn’t about the patterns inside. In fact, when I read knitting books, I skim over patterns. I could care less. I like to knit pretty simple things, although this book is absolutely full with tantalizing yarns in beautiful patterns…  not my thing!

Why I Think You Should Read It

I think some of my blog readers should read this book because it’s more insight into what the life of a knitter looks like. Plus, knitting books are generally pretty humorous, and this book is no exception!

Anything Else I Want to Add?

This book is an awkward size. It’s slightly bigger than my goat book, but the size is needed for the pictures. The photo quality is absolutely awesome in this book!