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Duck Weed Commando

Photo via thoeflich on Flickr

This summer has been filled with turtles. Already my grandfather has found two, a family friend of ours has killed a snapping turtle, and just a few weeks ago, Dad brought one into the house he found on the road.

I think turtles are absolutely adorable. The latest one I’ve seen was one my Grandfather picked up off the road. He was a flourescent orange striped Painted Turtle. He was beautiful.

Since he was sitting on my Pap’s porch, I got down real low (Okay, I laid down) so I look at the turtle better. From in between his shell, I could see two black and orange eyes watching me. I was surprised at how bright and curious they were.

I got up and picked some grass for him, and by the time I was back, just the little tip of his disapproving face was visible. He eyed me up and reached out for a bite, but decided otherwise and pulled his head back in.

Soon enough, it was suppertime, so I had to go in for supper. When I came back out, there he was, trundling around in turtle style, taking off for the woods. I smiled. He was pretty fast for a little turtle.

The other turtle I saw was a Painted Turtle as well. This time, he was a neon-y yellow and orange, and all he did was sit on the floor in our hallway. Drama Queen had decided she was going to sniff him, and it was absolutely hilarious to see her slinking around to try and find the right spot to sniff!

Have you seen any turtles this summer?