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Image via CAF Blog

One of my favorite blogs of all time is bound to be Cold Antler Farm. It was the blog that spurred me into researching homesteading/farming, gardening, animals, and all of the other crazy things that this 16 year old likes to do.

Jenna Woginrich, the writer of said blog, is also an author. She’s written Made from Scratch and Chick Days and is currently working on Barnheart. (Expect a review of Made from Scratch pretty soon!)

Jenna’s narrative of what happens at the farm is not only entertaining, but intriguing because she can eloquently put what happens at the six-acre farm in real life.

I came across the CAF blog in Mother Earth News. In one of the issues (I forget which!) they had featured the introduction to Made from Scratch  with the address to the blog at the end. Being naturally curious, I logged on and began to read the archives.

Not only the current posts are interesting, but even the archives, which on many blogs are pretty boring, are exciting. It’s interesting to read about how her adventure in Idaho turned into the real deal in New York.

I suggest this blog to absolutely everyone. I always ask “Do you read Cold Antler Farm?” to any like minded person I meet. Sadly, many of them have not (or don’t even read blogs at all!) and I know I have converted at least one person to reading CAF.

In summation, CAF blog is a must-read, for anyone. It shows how diligence and a lot of hard work can transform any dream into reality. Although farm life can be romanticized, Jenna tells it like it is.