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The Suitcase NecklaceI have recently made friends with a summertime exchange student from Spain. (We’ll call my friend X.) X is a really cool and awesome person.

The other night, we nearly spent two hours talking about the differences between Spain and America. I want to visit Spain, and X wants to visit America again! In short, Spain is a totally different place than America.

Because X is leaving for home on Saturday, I wanted to make X something to remember her American friend by. Since I found out X’s favorite color is green, I dug out my green beads, white beads, and this cute little suitcase charm to make a necklace!

My chosen color palette was this:

I hope this necklace stays with X to remind X of the good time X had in America. I get to see X again on Wednesday, so that’s when I’ll give the necklace to X!

What sorts of things have you made for long-distance friends?