Stellar Leather

One of the many crafts I like to do is Leathercraft. For 4-H, I make about a project a year. This year, I made a pocketknife/little flashlight belt hooker-do0-hickey.

I designed the stamp patterns myself! (I am quite proud of them, you see!)It’s all stars, ducks, and bordered with an S stamp. This was my first time doing an all over pattern like this. The hardest part with all-over stamping was keeping my lines straight with the stars. The ducks were pretty easy, although the stain didn’t set in as I wanted it to.

I like making leather projects because they are, well, fun. I like to turn bits of things into something that is big and whole. Plus, leather projects are super practical. Leather takes a while to wear out, which is very practical in my book. The only real  impracticality of leather projects is that it takes time to turn it into something you want, although it is always very worth it in the end.

I use Tandy Leather Factory‘s kits, stamps, and stains for my projects. Although I have never directly ordered from the site, I have visited the shop close to Pittsburgh and bought projects from the Michael’s in the City. Most simple projects are cheap, and stamps are also pretty cheap as well.

Leather projects are great for people of any age. I started leather projects when I was 12 (through the 4-H) and I make a new project every year. The projects I use the most are the coin purse I stamped, and my belt. (Which has my name on it!) Super-simple things like wristbands, can coolers, and money clips are perfect beginner projects.

This year, my project was pretty satisfying. It took a little bit of intelligence to lace it up and had enough blank space for me to design something really awesome! I recommend trying leathercraft as a new skill to pick up in your free time.

Do you make projects out of leather? If you do, what do you make?

(I am not affiliated with Tandy Leather Factory in any way. I recommend their products because, simply, they are of excellent quality and fun to make.)