.: Bill :.

Bill’s doing great. He basks in the sunlight everyday in his dirt hole, drinking up water and getting petted. Even though he’s in the shade all day, the tips of his neck hair is a little orange. It doesn’t bother him much. He gets a good brushing every day to keep ticks, lice, and fleas away. So far there has been no issue with any of that! I’ve got sparrows flying in and out of the barn eating flies and other little buggers that they like.

.: Holiday :.

Holly is doing really well. He’s chilling out in his cage with a water-filled frozen Tropicana bottle. His new pen is being redrafted, since I don’t need one big enough for two. Holly has been getting treats up to wazoo lately (especially carrots, his favorite!). I plan on getting some cute pictures of him soon, if he stays still. The hair thing Holly has (losing hair in a triangular zone) has been confirmed as just molting/shedding and there isn’t much I can do for it, other than brush him every day.

.: Me :.

I’m doing loads better. I’ve come to terms with what has happened recently and I’m okay with it all. My volunteer job has been going really well- currently I’m stripping stamps from albums all day! I’m nearly finished with another knitting project, so I’m queuing up Edwardian Farm to watch while I finish it. I finished a leather project the other day, and I am excited to share it with you!

How are you doing recently?