DOGFrom Lord Knows When – July 11, 2011

Just earlier this evening Speckles passed away. Tonight I want to share with you what Specks meant to me.

When we got Speckles, 8 years ago, he was a chipper young buck. He came in a lot of five in a livestock auction. It was the last day of the fair, so we snuck them in the back of the van to load up our dirty clothes and set off for home. The first few weeks was a daze, but after about a month, we lost a rabbit.

Speckles sired kits later that winter. He was a good daddy bunny. That Easter, we got rid of all of the rabbits but him. The rabbits’ care was mine to begin with, but now the load was easier with one bunny than eleven.

We spent six and a half more years together, running around the yard and just doing our thing.

Just over a year and a half ago, Speckles started showing his age. Winters started being harder for him, and he slowed down tremendously. He wasn’t the same rabbit I had to fight to hold, now he was so docile I could carry him like a newborn baby without any fuss.

This past winter was especially harsh on Speckles. A lot went on behind the scenes that I didn’t tell you about. There was a lot of struggles to keep Speckles warm, and the tiny tips of his ears were nearly frostbitten off.

That’s the basic story on Speckles. What Speckles meant to me is a much longer. He was the first animal I took sole care for, the first animal I could cuddle and hug without biting or scratching me. Speckles was the first animal that got me hooked on life. Speckles opened my eyes in ways people can’t.

I feel like the biggest part of me has left today. Speckles helped shape me into who I am today, and I know he will keep on doing so. That disapproving rabbit will always be in my heart. When I laid him down for the last time, I said my goodbye and gave him a kiss. I closed his eyes and turned away, and for an astonishing moment, it rained while Dad covered him up and placed big stumps over his grave.

I know for sure that Speckles was different. Not only did he like to eat Doritos and Twizzlers, he was a best friend. Nobody else would cuddle down in my arms for a nap when I felt bad.

Speckles taught me many valuable life lessons over the years, but the one he taught me today astounds me the most: Spend your time with those you love. When Speckles passed away, he was right next to me, Holiday, and Bill. Speckles was around friends and those he loved. It’s something everyone should do.

Speckles is up there in Heaven now, and I’m okay with it. I’ll still probably cry a bit, but it’s not tears of sadness anymore, it’s tears that celebrate all of the time I shared with him and how much he meant to me.