Last night I went fishing for the first time in a long while. (About a year and a half.) I popped out my folding chair, had my Dad bait my line with a minnow (I don’t touch bait) and the second I sat down, I had a bite.

I set the hook and reeled. One just under legal crappie was on my line. He had swallowed the minnow. I let Dad take the fish off of my line (hook stuck) and he baited it again for me. It went like this for the next four fish.

By the time it was dark, I could easily see the three catfish circling my line. They had already snapped Dad’s line twice. I had moved down an empty dock space to get some room. Three girls, a Dad, and a handful of people standing around chatting takes up a lot of space.

I caught two more. I took the last three I caught off the line myself. Pap had brought a rag to hold the fish with. I dislike the feel of alive fish (although dead fish are okay) but the rag staved off the fish-slime and most of the smell.

For the record, I had caught 7, S1 caught 1, S2 caught 5, and Dad caught 1. All of us caught crappies, except for one of S2’s fish was a Sunny and Dad caught a Perch.

Have you gone fishing yet this year?