One of my Cameos

What a week it has been. (Meaning from the last time I posted until today.) I’ve finished school, gone to an auction, been to 2 parties, and done so much stuff I don’t even remember what I have done.

It makes me sad that I have had no time for this little blog. To truth, I have been working on my Secret Summer Project. (It will be revealed later this month!) The pic above is a bit of a hint as to what it is.

Another thing about this little blog. The title and how it coincides with what I write about. I’m hoping to start to review all of the countless books I’ve read (I’m calling the project 100 Books of Summer) but how does that fit in with “Barn Talk?” When I began this blog, I thought I would be exclusively writing about farms and that sort of what not.

This little blog has followed me through a lot. It’s documented everything from December 9, 2010 to today, and the future on. It makes me sad that I’ve abdicated the original meaning of this blog.

But it makes me happy as well.

See, I’m normally the kind of person who has generally short bursts of beautiful inspiration to do things. Right now, I’m burnt out. How, in God’s good name, am I happy about that?

Because it gives me time to recoup. I need time to recoup. From now on, I’m taking a less stressful posting strategy- just Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. More time to be able to think about what I am writing about, and less time spent (I spend hours) writing posts.

I hope the rest of your Tuesday is swell. I’ll see you tomorrow with a book review.