u t o p i a

I finished a new knitting project yesterday! It’s a lovely cabled hat from SmarieK. This pattern was so much fun to knit up, it was literally addicting to see the end! On my luck, I ran out of yarn during the decreasing, so I did some serious improvising. I also messed up on one cable.. so there goes it’s chance for being in the Fair!

This hat was knitted with size 8 circular/double-pointed needles. Knitted from the bottom up, it included ribbing and of course, the cables. The cables were the best part- they traveled! They moved from their beginning points to in between the beginning points. Very ingenious!

I recommend this pattern to any knitter. It’s perfect for beginning knitters because it’s tangy without being too complicated. Perfect for experienced knitters because it’s easy and quick. Me, who is in the middle (but nearing experienced!!), was perfect for this because it taught me the basics of cables (I already knew how to do cables… but traveling cables?!)

Happy knitting!