Butternut Tree

What does this have to do with goals? Nothing.

Wow! May is already over! Since it’s June 1st, time to write down my monthly goals! (I’ll write a review of my May goals tomorrow.)

  • Be outside (at minimum) 2 hours each day, excluding outside work time
  • Finish that evil desk blanket
  • Get my driver’s permit
  • Finish school!!!
  • Finish half of my 4-H projects
  • Go reenacting once this month

I’m super-pumped for June. I’ll finish school on the 10th and then it will be summer vacation! I have plans to finally finish that blanket I have been working on, because I haven’t finished it yet. My 4-H knitting project is socks, so I will have to finish them very, very soon! I hope I have a lot of downtime this month, since May was so wound up with things to do.

What are your plans for June?