My Muck Boots


You hear about my Muck boots a lot. I mention them quite frequently in posts here and then, and I have even written a (quick) review about them once. Now that I have had them for much longer, I think I can give you a much better version!

First off, like I have always expressed, the Muck Boots are great. I own a pair of the Muck Scrub boots in Plum Vine.I was given my particular pair as a Christmas present, and I have worn them every day since. In fact, they don’t even go upstairs into my bedroom to be put away- they just stay downstairs since I wear them so often!

Straight from your local tack & boot shop, they come in a durable plastic bag. It’s like a super-thick, clear, bag that has some talk about the boots and other nonsense. I kept my bag, and it’s used to house goat supplies. You can always take a clean wet cloth and wipe any dirt off. Plus, the handles are generally pretty sturdy for wear & tear.

Less about the bag, more about the boot! The first thing you’ll notice about the boots are the looks. The Scrub boot style comes up just a couple of inches above your ankle- perfect height for around here, since we don’t always get a lot of snow (unlike this year!) and super-deep mud puddles. My boots were great with keeping snow out, as long as I pulled my snowpants’ legs down since the snow was practically up to my knees.

Second, the boots are waterproof. No water goes in. At all! I love anything that is waterproof. I could splash in puddles all day if I wanted to, and no water would get in through any cracks or just anything. It also keeps squishy mud out too, because I have had some boots that let that grossness in.

Third, the boots are pretty, even when dirty. Right now, my boots are sitting on the mat just inside the back door, wallowing. Okay, so wallowing isn’t the right word, but you get what I mean- they are dirty, and I don’t mind. They are meant to be dirty. Sometimes I get stuff stuck in the treads on the bottom, but that comes out pretty easy if you stick your hands into the boot (do this outside) and whack them together. If any mud on the top bothers you, just wipe it off.

Lastly, the boots are just great. I wore them to the Livestock Market when I sold Cricket (I was not the only Muck boot clad girl there!) and when I go to the Feed Mill, somewhere dirty, you get the gist. They are nice enough to wear to the Feed Mill without looking like a train wreck in your barn clothes- even a little dirty.’

If you can’t see already, the $60-$70 dollars you spend on these boots is worth it. I fell in love with the boots just before I got the goats back in early June, and now I own a pair, just a couple of months after. They are unbelievebly useful, and are comfortable to boot. (Pun indended!) I suggest you get a pair if you need new boots. (Not fashion boots, but work boots.) (Okay, so they aren’t exactly Carolina work boots, but you get the gist, right?)

Do you have a pair of Muck boots? How do they work out for you?