Munch Munch Munch


That week break was excellent to me. I got caught up on schoolwork, got into a real routine and baked. I made muffins for a breakfast surprise on Tuesday, and then made chocolate-pecan fudge on Wednesday. I figured out my hair, finally, so it looks cute all the time. Kept on truckin’ with my Biology project (although all the bean plants died) and in general made plans to buy a tomato plant or two at Lowe’s. Heck of a week.


The weather was not so kind to Bill. He spent copious amounts of time in the barn, so he became antsy and a little dirty. He’s recently decided he wants to make babies with his deck out there. So I’ll be attaching pool noodles to the sides soon. Other than that, Bill was Bill. No mishaps, nothing!


Oh, Specks. He was just fine. Really nothing to report with him, other than he got a really good brushing down on Tuesday so he’s all slick and a manly rabbit. Specks got a new feeder on Saturday, so he’s all happy that he can eat out of the top again!


I have been noticing this change in Holiday. He’s gone from a complete and total grump to being a real charmer! Although we are still working on getting him in and out of his pen (which has been fixed and has 4 legs instead of 3) he’s now coming to the door to be petted and kissed every morning. He also got a really good brushing on Tuesday. (Holly also got a new feeder too, he doesn’t care much about it though.)


Dad and I put in our barn window, finally! I found the window on the side of the road back in March, and it finally cleared up Saturday the 14 for it to be put in. It lets in so much more light and air! In fact, during the hot days the amount of bugs (there weren’t really any to begin with) went down by 100% with the window in.