Easter Bunny Bow

It’s Friday!!! I went yardsaling this morning with my mother and my siblings and found something awesome…

A screenprinting kit! I am hoping to find some plain canvas totes to screen print… and maybe sell them! My kit has no paint, or instructions, just everything else. I looked online really quick and I found this website which I will regard as my instruction manual. I’m going to use plain old fabric paint, really.

I have been crazy busy with crafting. In early June there will be a kids’ Arts & Crafts fair in the city a while away. I’m going to apply for a spot- only $15, but that place is CRAZY busy with all sorts of people. Hopefully by then I’ll have quite a few things made. S1 wants to share a spot with me, so I said yes! Here’s some of our ideas of things to sell…

  • canvas tote bags (screenprinted)
  • heart-pendant necklaces
  • earrings
  • streach bracelets
  • bead bracelets
  • soap
  • earring holders

I think that’s a bunch of good ideas. Since I cleaned out my closet, I have all of my craft supplies in one place. I also found a beading magazine filled with good ideas for bracelets!! I am really exicted for crafting this summer. Maybe I can attend more craft fairs… man oh man this teen would have a job!!

What kinds of crafts would you buy?