"Eggstra-Special" Mary Moo

I feel so HAPPY today! It is almost a feeling too big for words! Today I feel so refreshed and absolutely excellently amazing. I felt so happy today that I set a new Mary Moo out on my desk to cheer me up for the standardized testing today. Even though it’s Math, I feel so HAPPY!

Okay, okay, so I suppose there is a reason behind all of this happiness. First thing as I was eating my waffles, I got a call from my grandmother. She said she’ll pay the $25 for a table at the local community day this weekend if I sell my Pap’s turkey calls along with my other things. She has to talk it over with Pap today, but they’ll see.

My tea this morning was not my regular tea, which is usually Lipton or Tetely. This morning, however, I sifted through our un-regular teas, which is stuff like peach & ginger, etc etc, and I found a variety I haven’t tried- English Teatime. What a lovely tea! So much more tea-y than Lipton or Tetely.

The weather has been superb as of late. Days in the low 70s, bright blue sky, light breeze, ah, perfection! (is all I can say!) 

I finally shed off the science fair last night. I sent my homeroom teacher and e-mail about it, politely explaining that I was prioritizing my schoolwork and that I was generally short of free time. (Okay, okay, I know you are thinking that blogging takes up time. I start schoolwork at 9:30, so as I am tidying my room before school, I type in a paragraph or so) But anyway, that is a big weight off my chest.

I read a really great book yesterday. It’s a preteen novel, called The Teashop Girls. As you can guess, it’s about a teashop and some girls. I plan on a review of it later next week!