This past month has been absolutely wild. April was the month of rain and confusion- for both me and my family! Mayday was spent at an amusement park, and boy what a day! That’s mostly all that I can think- what a day!

Anyway, May is going to be my “clean slate” month. Start afresh. Really shake off winter blues and carry on into real spring! I haven’t done goal lists since the beginning of March, so here is my May goals list:

  • Get my driver’s permit
  • Get my fishing liscence
  • Participate in my first craft fair
  • Work hard in school
  • Keep updating my Flickr with my pictures
  • Finish the ever-lasting blanket for myself

Also, if you don’t notice (or are reading this post from an e-mail reader) am working on the blog theme. Why? I have been using my Flickr images lately, and the old theme was not wide enough/could not be made wide enough to use them. 😦 Over the next few days, you’ll probably see different permutations of this same exact website!

Other than that, have a fine Monday morning!