Something I like to do in the summer (in lieu of knitting) is to knot bracelets. I really like to make them, not only because it’s quick (or normally pretty quick) but because knotting braclets produces cute little handmade items. I really enjoy colors, so wearing these little knotted bracelets is an easy way for me to wear a splash of color when I am just wearing a plain t-shirt and shorts.

There are many, many different bracelet patterns. I like to use patterns from the site called My all-time favorite pattern is a little outlined heart. I made a black and pink one a year ago and entered it into the county fair- and won second prize! (The first prize project was a really complicated! It was about 3 inches wide!)

The pic you see above is of the one I am working on. It’s a blue gradient thread in the background with a solid yellow hearts. I like to use blue and yellow together not only because it’s a cute combo, but because it is a commonly found in Vermeer’s color pallete. (Vermeer is my favorite artist of all time.) The background color is a Prism Craft Thread and then the yellow is in Prism 6 strand floss.

I like to use little toggle closures on my bracelets, and on the Friendship-Bracelets site I found a tutorial on how to attach the toggles much nicer than before- just loop my thread through one toggle, and then at the end, knot it all off and jump-ring attach the other toggle. A little vauge from me! I can’t seem to find the link to do it… maybe I make a video on how to do it!

I hope you are having a loverly Wednesday!