I am so glad Spring Break is over. This past week was the most tiring, worn-out experience I have had since Camp Cadet. I don’t remember half of it, I was so busy!

I do know that up until Wednesday I was cleaning out the attic for about 6 hours a day. (It’s still not done, by the way.) I made soap on Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday I spent trying to relax with a hurt back. Friday was spent cleaning house, and Saturday was spent in the rush of a four-year-old, two toddlers, and both of my sisters. Easter day was alright, although our guests didn’t leave at 7am like expected, and I was at my grandmother’s for Easter dinner. I watched Tron: Legacy (which is actually very good, you need to watch Tron to fully understand it) and Tangled (which is also supremely good).

Today, though, I want to wish my mother a

Happy Birthday!

My mother is so very important to me. Without her, I wouldn’t be anywhere in life. I would have no sense of humour or well, good baking skillz. Heck, without her, I would not exist! My mother is the g0-to person on clothes, boys, and just about everything else. She makes a mean meatloaf and cracks really good jokes. Happy Birthday, mom.