Something I didn’t tell you guys that Bill was mangled a couple of weeks ago. I had set Speckles down on the grass to run around, and when my back was turned (for the slightest of seconds) Bill had bent down to sniff Specks, and the rabbit cut Bill’s lip. (It’s a much longer, and I assume hilarious story, but it’s not for now.) So for about four weeks I couldn’t have the rabbits run on the ground while Bill was out and about.

Enter Dad from stage left. He was cleaning out the basement (read: man cave) and left a grey contraption. On further inspection, it turned out to be one long, folded thing. In the lower yard, I had unfolded it, and with a little fiddling, I had a large rectangle. It took a moment or two of thinking, and I had the idea: I can carry it up to the hill and then the rabbits can run around, one at a time, inside the pen!!

So I hauled it to the top of the hill. It’s only about a thirty yard distance (that’s my really loose estimation, it could be longer or shorter). It was an awkward climb, considering I was inside of the rectangle, clinging to the sides and walking. Rather embarrassing, if anyone but me was outside.

I made it to the top of the hill, and I got Speckles out. I set him down, and Speckles dug around in the dirt, and immediately flopped over. Chillaxin’. I left him go for about twenty minutes, and I hung out with Bill, brushing him, and running around like a hooligan. I put Specks away, and got out Holly, the escape artist.

Holly’s escaped on several occasions- once during the night, where the was in a fight with a cat, another time when he scaled two and a half feet to get out of the baby goat pen, and then another time when I had him in the barn, hanging out, and he decided he wanted out. There are probably plenty of other times, but I don’t remember them all!

I placed Holly in the pen, and he starts grunting. Yes. Holly makes audible noises whenever he is happy, angry, or hungry. He was obviously happy in this situation, until I turned around to fill up his water dish. I heard a clack-clack-clack and then there’s Holly, one half outside, one half inside, hanging on the top rail. I picked him up and put him back in his own special pen, and got Specks back out.

This time, I parked it inside with Specks, and we hung out. I took the picture you saw yesterday, and a countless bunch of others that’ll be used for later posts. He was really cute, sitting on my lap, sniffing my boots, stretched out in the dirt.

So, up until it began to rain, probably about 10 minutes after Specks was in there (for the 2nd time) I had the problem solved. I don’t know what Dad is going to do with the gate, which is purposely folded and stacked nicely, right where he left it, but I hope it sticks around for future use.