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This week I chose Free by the Zac Brown Band. I have posted a video of theirs before. (They are an amazing band!) This particular song is pretty meaningful to me- it’s not just about some people in love, it celebrates the freedom we have in America. I’ve never understood why people protest over wages and things because already they are being paid hundreds of times more many people across the world are being paid, but anyway, they have something a large portion of the world doesn’t have – freedom. There are countries where you can’t show open signs of affection for others. There are countries where your boyfriend or husband is taken away from a woman to be drafted into the army without his consent. There are countries where people struggle for a bite to eat. So why can’t anyone just put down the posters and relish their freedom?

Plus, this song also makes me think of our soliders. Yeah, there are some that hang out at the barracks all day smoking and playing cards (I know a fellow who did that.) But there are guys out there risking their lives for our freedom and our country-friends’ freedom. Why the hell to you think we are out there in Libya? We are trying to get the people free of their dictator, for Pete’s sake! (Or at least that’s how I view it.)

Quick mention: this song makes me think of the Patriot Guard Riders.

I’m supposing this is pretty heavy stuff just for one song, but I think I needed to vent a little bit, too. What do you think of this song? What about freedom in general?