Yay! Time for another Farm Friend Friday! It’s only about 10 am here, and it’s already 63 degrees!!! Also, these pictures are from a few days ago.. not yesterday or today. I’ll have more on yesterday later.

“Hi Autumn. Can I have some carrots? I saw the bag.”

“Okay, you cutie. Here is some.”

“Thanks. Let me lick the camera quick.” *snatch camera away*

“No! Speckles!”

What are you looking at?”


“Get that fat pink camera out of my face.”

“No. Here is a carrot.”

“Don’t give me any of that crap, I want caviar.”

“How did you learn about caviar?”

I’m smarter than you think, foolish human.”

Heloooo!!!! Can you unhook me for a little? Pleaassseeee?”

“Oh, Bill. What did you do?”

Nothing…. nothing at all. Can I have a kissie?”

“Sure thing Sweet William.”

Now can I have a carrot? Please? Please? PleasePleasePlease?”

So that was my day on Wednesday. I’ll tell you about Thursday later. (It’s pretty gruesome!) Today will be fabulous- I have a birthday party to go to, and it will be WARM!