Woot! It’s Thursday again! That means another plate of Things I Love Thursday! There’s some big lovin’ things, and some small lovin’ things, so I want to tell you the biggest first:

In my World History class meeting yesterday, us kids chatted about Japan. Then, during the meeting, we got to the topic of Obama. Some of us got to debating, and my teacher said:

“Guys, we are running out of time! As much as I want to talk with you guys about Obama, we still have class to do, which is Ghandi!”

A little later, in the middle of talking about Ghandi:

“I had an epiphany! Since some of you didn’t listen about stop talking about Obama, I am going to kill the chat, but I had an idea: why don’t us World History kids, my class of course, get together every other week or so to talk about current events? That way you all can talk about the stuff you guys chat about here, and I can moderate since I love this class!”

Of course, I wrote:

“Heck to the yes, Mr. M! That sounds exciting!!

I wasn’t the only one about another 30 kids wrote similar stuff. So, My World History teacher is going to fix something up like that. How exciting!!

Back to regular programming:

  • Bill the goat. He was most adorable yesterday while eating some carrots!
  • Speckles the rabbit. During the cuddle-session (where I sit somewhere and hold a rabbit for a little bit) he almost went to sleep! (Also, he posed for that picture above. He posed!)
  • Holiday the rabbit. For being his usual grumpy self.
  • Red the fish. For being silent but disapproving.
  • Brother. For being cute, even after that first horrible Dad haircut yesterday.
  • My mom’s camera.
  • Homemade glitter soap that smells like oranges.
  • Blog-reading and seeing all the baby goats!
  • Having dreams where for your 16th birthday, your family moves to Wellsboro, buys a Fresian and a bay Arabian, and gets 7 more goats… all for you. {bliss}
  • Finding that perfect crochet pattern to work on as soon as you finish up the bizillion WIPS.
  • Going to my first-ever slumber party this weekend… the first time in about ever.
  • Making Apple Strusel whole-grain muffins.
  • Chatting to my penpal who lives in CALI on Facebook, and then realize “This is the only reason why I even use Facebook!”
  • My dad’s new phone. The people that hire his company gave him a discount card for an older iPhone. It is actually pretty cool.
  • Having S2 oot & aboot with some friends overnight. How relieving not to have the Tank around.
  • Crochet blankets, they are so easy to curl up under to sleep.

Wow, that is one heck of a list! What are you loving this Thursday?