Holy cow. If you guys came on to the site and saw a blank post with the same title, don’t worry, I fixed it. I had a whole huge update post on everyone. I’m a little ticked off. But, back to the real writing!

.: Bill :.

Bill has been doing alright. Dad & I trimmed his hooves yesterday, so he’s walking better. All of his wounds from the barn incident are healed up really well. Dad & I bought some goat food from the feed mill on Saturday, so he is adjusting. I plan on cleaning the barn out this coming weekend, for some good old fashioned Spring Cleaning!

.: Speckles :.

This winter was hard on Speckles. He lost a lot more weight than usual, but I think it’s his age. I do think what kept him alive was me checking him every day, multiple times, and being able to be in the barn every once in a while. All of his wounds from the barn incident are healed up. No hair has grown back on the tips of his ears yet, but I am so glad it’s not because of frostbite.

.: Holiday :.

Holly had a pretty good winter, I would say. I McGyvered a tarp, some cinderblocks, a chain, and a bungee cord to protect him from the wind and snow. As far as I could tell, it worked, since the silly rabbit sleeps on top of his nest box instead of inside it. Both him and Specks should be looking forward to having a Spring Cleaning as well, so no more rabbit poo under the cages!

.: Wild Birds :.

I haven’t talked about the birds lately, but I tried my best this winter. (My real first winter keeping all of the feeders myself.) Every once in a while, when the feeders froze over, I couldn’t fill them, but it was okay. I ran out of real millet about three weeks ago, so I have been making do with some Lowe’s feed. I am officially down to the last 5lbs of sunflower seeds, they really whacked through that this year. I saw the First Robin of Spring on Friday, and they have been flocking to the yard since! Just this morning I counted at least 4, and heard countless others.

.: Red the Fish :.

Red is doing really well. Today marks his first month here! He’s gotten used to my surroundings, and so he’s much more relaxed. For a while, he was bubblenesting, but he stopped that after about a week. I am planning on changing his water sometime later this week.

So there is the (fixed) update on everyone this week! How are your animals doing?