** Pray for those in Japan! They managed to save 2 nuclear reactors from meltdown status, and one is on the edge! I wish I could help out more than I am already! Send major prayers their way, they sure could use a miracle!! **

This weather is ugly. Winter one minute, spring the next. On top of it all, I’ve got something going on with my sinuses. I decided to make the most of it, when I wasn’t cleaning.

I broke out the coloring pages and markers. I colored for a solid 1/2 hour, working on the above 3 pages. I used some painter’s tape to attach them to my desk wall so Dad wasn’t upset. They don’t stay up very well, but they make it a little brighter.

On Saturday I decided that I was going to scoop the rabbit poo out from under their pens, but I discovered I was sick today (as already mentioned!) and I hadn’t had a chance to put this garden cart back up until today. While I was out horsein’ around with Bill, he thought he could jump in. The picture is pretty blurry because I was laughing REALLY hard!

We had some old friends over today, so that meant I got a chance to walk down to the garage (a rented garage down the street that my dad is pretty much trying to transform into a workshop, which I hope to utilize) and hang out in the Man cave before we had to pick S1 up from dance class. I, of course, went along.

Dad helped me out (more like I helped Dad out) trim Bill’s hooves. I had kept him  away from mud at all times these last few days in a last-ditch effort to prevent hoof rot. Thankfully, I was able to wrestle Bill into letting Dad trim his hooves and get them cleaned out. Him and Dad aren’t on nickering terms.

I have been feeling really out of sorts lately, so I cleaned my room up and tried to make it a little more cozier. This is the time of year for that for me. It’s almost like bird’s nesting, or even pregnant lady nesting, but I end up making a literal nest on my bed and sleeping. (Note to self: remember to use that crochet blanket that old friend’s grandmother whom I have never met made for me. makes great nesting material.)

Happy Sunday. I’ll see y’all tomorrow morning!