Every Thursday, I make a list of things I love! Click here to see previous articles!

  • Crochet!! I’m making a big bag right now, with plans to get some green and white yarn to make stripes.
  • Being off from school yesterday and today.
  • Going away on Friday to a Big City!
  • Crochet…
  • That is raining… and then I am not loving the rain!
  • Bill.. Bill
  • My precious Brother
  • Red.. for being Red
  • Speckles.. what a crazy old man rabbit
  • Holliday.. he’s being a grump again. But that’s okay, he took a nap the other day on my lap
  • Thinking of Baby names with the fam.
  • Reading crochet blogs
  • Most of all… Those Daffodil sprouts!!!!!!

This was a late T.I.L.T! What have you been loving this Thursday?