Wake up at 7am. Wander downstairs in a sleepy stupor to get a glass of water and some pants. Put said pants on under nightshirt, and stumble into computer room. You aren’t very coordinated in the morning. Flop onto the computer chair and .com it for a little. Get bored once other people are up and stomp into your bedroom because nobody can carry a conversation. Finish getting dressed. Jump down the steps 2 at a time and head into the living room, where you park it to watch some TV with your little bro. Decide kid’s TV is lame and fill the water pitcher up to take outside to the animals. Throw on your barncoat and boots, and skip outside, splashing water everywhere.

Once you are at the top of the hill, open the door to the barn and watch a white goat stand and squint for five minutes. Water rabbits, black rabbit first, calico rabbit second. Since the goat is out of the barn now, chase it off from the rabbit food. It’ll skip away for a moment and come back. Ignore that second time, it’s too early. Dig around in barn for goat’s water bucket. Troop over to the wooden platform outside and place in the base of the willow tree. Fill to the brim of the bucket with water from pitcher. Run back to the barn, jumping in. Find the black goat food bowl and fill it with goat food. Go back to the platform, shaking the food bowl all the while. Goat is bound to follow you. Once goat is calmly eating food, find the chain that is attached to the goat block. Hook chain to goat collar. Go back to the barn. Goat will turn and nicker, and you will skip back to goat and kiss it on the nose. Goat is through with you, and you head into the barn to pick up.

After that, you go back inside to start your day. Eat some breakfast. Cereal, or maybe eggs. Vote for eggs because all you have is Honey Nut Cheerios and some sort of super-healthy cereal your mom is trying to eat. Remember, scrambled eggs for you. Get manipulated by little sister to make her and brother some eggs. Make 5 scrambled eggs. Eat 2 egg’s worth. Do the dishes, and run to your bedroom to hide before you do any more cooking. Blog a little, and start schoolwork. Start schoolwork with English. Work on schoolwork until 12 p.m. on the dot.

At 12:10, run outside to see goat and rabbits. You have already asked your mom what she is making for lunch. She growls at you, because she still isn’t wholly awake. While you are outside, talk like a crazy person to your goat and rabbits, telling them every detail you could about World History. Goat’ll probably nudge you and ask for a stick. Give him one, plus a kiss on the forehead, and go back inside dearily. Eat a sandwich for lunch and do lunch dishes. Trudge back upstairs to finish schoolwork.

(Will be continued)