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Woot! My first finished knitting project of 2011! It was a WIP (work in progress) back in 2010, so it carried into the new year and I finished it up today. If you don’t know what FO means, it means a finished object in the knitting world. I have never really done a “project journal” (so to speak) but I figured I could share my finished projects here on Barn Talk. You would recognize this yarn from the Farm Friend Friday post on Dishcloth knitting!

Stats on Project:

  • Pattern: Grandmother’s Favorite (Ravelry link), modified by me
  • Modifications: size, crochet edging & hooky-doo
  • Yarn: Peaches & Creme Ombres
  • Color: Lilac Ombre
  • Needle Size: US size 6
  • Size of Project: I think 8×8 inches
  • Hook Size for Edging: US size J, 6mm

Notes on Project:  This one ended up way better than any before! The smaller needles made a thicker fabric, and by adding the crochet edging, I hope it keeps it’s shape better. I liked the idea of the little hookey-do on the conrner of a dishcloth, so I threw one in for fun!

Detailed Photo: